If you need help looking for Scrap Metal Prices in Cape Town you've found the right place, our sole aim is to help you get the very best price per kg for your scrap metal when you sell it in Cape Town and across South Africa. We do this by advising you of Scrap Metal Prices being paid by scrap yards in Cape Town and by putting you in contact with local scrap yards in or close to Cape Town that pay good prices per kg for all types of scrap metal. We also enable scrap yards to display their buying prices. Click the area you live from the list of areas on Scrap Metal Prices South Africa homepage for more information on scrap metal prices in Cape Town.

The best way to guarantee you are getting the best price per kilo for your scrap metal in Cape Town is to check the average prices scrap yards pay for various scrap metals below, then use our map of scraps yard in Cape Town at the bottom of this page to locate your nearest scrap yard and give them a call to ask what prices they are paying for the types of junk metal that you have or to discuss them collecting it from you from you at  your home or business in Cape Town.

Below is a guide that shows typical scrap metal prices per kilo you will find for various different materials in Cape Town. The prices listed below vary as scrap yards buying prices generally vary by area and obviously the quality of the metal and of course the market affects the price being paid for scrap metal in Cape Town too.

Scrap Metal Prices Cape Town

Scrap Metal Type Per KG Pricing (ZAR)
Cast Iron and SteelR 0.99 per Kilo
Bright Copper WireR 62.74 per Kilo
LeadR 18.16 per Kilo
Heavy CopperR 56.14 per Kilo
Braziery CopperR 46.23 per kilo
Copper TanksR 49.53 per Kilo
BrassR 41.28 per Kilo
316 Stainless TurningsR 13.21 per Kilo
Aluminium TurningsR 4.95 per Kilo
PVC wireR 19.81 per kilo
MotorsR 3.30 per kilo
Low Grade CableR 11.56 per kilo
High Grade PVC WireR 28.07 per Kilo
Stainless Steel TurningsR 9.91 per kilo
Aluminium Cable with CopperR 13.21 per kilo
AluminiumR 9.91 per Kilo
Stainless SteelR 12.38 per Kilo
316 Stainless SteelR 15.51 per Kilo

Here are a useful link that will provide you with lots of information regarding scrap metal  and it's history. Or if you would like to read a pdf of the South Africa Scrap Metal Dealers Act which all scrap metal dealers in Cape Town have to adhere to by law. So you can read exactly what laws a scrap yard in Cape Town has to follow please do so below.

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Scrap Metal Prices Per KG Cape Town

During recent years scrap metal prices in Cape Town and across the world have expanded extensively, prices are usually recorded by the kilo or ton in Cape Town, however some of them can be sold to scrap yards by the Pound. To guarantee that you are getting the best possible price per Kilogram for all types of scrap metal, you have to you know the value of scrap metals before taking it to a local Cape Town Based scrap yard.

You should remember that you can find a range of scrap metal materials within various pieces of electronic equipment and take note that many scrap yards in Cape Town will not accept this type of scrap metal.

Reusing scrap metal has many benefits; financially, beneficently and ecologically as well. Not just is the benefit of recycling scrap metal seen in Cape Town but the whole of South Africa. While many may just want to make some money from their scrap metal, they forget about the advantages that reusing scrap metal offers for our planet. Metals that are not required without anyone else's input ruin the globe so by recycling them you will basically be keeping further materials from being extricated from our planet which causes many problems to our environment. This eventually will avert promote contamination of the planet and end lethal gasses from being discharged into the climate.

Scrap Metal Types - Scrap Metal Prices Cape Town

There are many types of scrap metal that you can sell for top prices per kg in Cape Town. Scrap Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Steel, Iron, Brass and Tin are the most popular types of scrap metal that are sold every day in Cape Town. In order of getting the best prices for your scrap metal you need to separate your scrap metal by type, if your scrap metal has non metal items attached to it we would highly recommend that you remove them. Scrap yards in Cape Town will reduce the prices that they offer if you leave non metal items attached to your scrap metal items. If you do not remove them, the scrap yard that you visit will more than likely estimate the weight of the non metal items and deduct it from the total weight of your items. They actually deliberately over estimate the weight of non metal items so they don't lose money on the deal themselves. So the tale is, remove all non metal items to get a better price per kg for your scrap metal in Cape Town.

Scrap metal recycling as previously mentioned lessens the necessity for mining metals on our planet and the interest for ferrous and non ferrous metals. Also, recycling scrap metals means less landfill being used in our country. These are just a couple of benefit points that recycling metals have. And on top of helping keep our planet green you can line your pockets with cash in the process.

You won't be offered higher prices for scrap metal when you offer it in the form of a car or machine in any part of Cape Town. Due to the fact the scrap metal dealer/yard needs to destroy the vehicle or machine to get to the metals that they require. You'll more than likely be offered a lower than their base price for a car and truck than you would for normal types of scrap metal from all scrap yards in Cape Town.

Use the map below to find scrap yards located in Cape Town South Africa
Latest and Current Scrap Metal Prices in Cape Town
Here is an example of a popular Cape town based scrap yards buying prices that they are currently advertising at the time of writing this: The price they are currently advertising for Aluminium Bronze is R 23.94, Aluminium Cast they are paying R 11.40, Aluminium Copper Radiators R 22.80, Aluminium Extrusion Clean is at R 13.68, For Aluminium Lithoplates they pay R 13.68, Aluminium New Soft is at R 11.40, Aluminium Old Rolled is at R 11.40, Aluminium Radiators are at R 5.70, For Aluminium Shavings they are paying R 4.56, Aluminium Venetian Blinds R 2.28, Aluminium Wheel rims R 13.68, Aluminium wire is at R 13.68, Dry Batteries are at R 5.70, Brass Heavy R 33.63, Brass Shavings R 14.82, Brass Sheet R 33.63, for Copper 1A they pay R 54.15, Copper Braziery R 37.05, Mixed Copper R 50.73, Copper Radiators without tanks R 25.08, Copper Shavings R 36.48, Copper Shiny Bright (1.5mm minimum) R 58.71, Copper Tinned R 39.33, Crown wheels R 38.76, Gun Metal R 36.48, Gun Metal Shavings R 25.08, Lead R 9.12, Pyro R 3.42, Stainless Steel 304 R 11.40, Stainless Steel 316 R 15.96, Stainless Steel Magnetic (Per Ton) R 2620, Stainless Steel Shavings R 4.56, Steel can scrap (Per Ton) R 340, For Heavy Steel over 3mm they are offering R 1710 per ton, Steel Light (Roof sheet, car bodies, drums) (Per Ton) are at R 910 and finally they are paying R 4.56 for Zinc.

These above prices are the scrap metal prices being advertised by a very well established
scrap yard in Cape Town South Africa, so if you live in Cape Town or any other area in South Africa you can use these prices as an accurate guide as to what price you should expect for your own scrap metal.

All scrap yards in Cape Town should purchase all ferrous metals, ferrous metals include copper, lead, steel, iron etc. You are probably aware that ferrous metals scrap prices per kg are substantially lower that the prices per kg of non ferrous metals like gold, silver and platinum.
If you own a scrap yard or scrap metal dealership in Cape Town and would like to advertise your prices, please do so by using the widget below or if you have recently sold scrap metal to a scrap yard in Cape Town and would like to report the prices you received, do so below.